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Parental Leave

Public Spending on Parental Leave Per Child

Image Source: The Economist

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18 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 97

  1. Haha, nice chart R2R. I would definitely say parental leave is a great perk. It’s the kind of investment that society as a whole needs to decide is important…..or not important. With or without society in general, my wife and I have decided having a parent at home is important. I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to say home with their kids.

    • Bryan,
      My wife and I think its crucial both for new parents and the newborn for having that time to attach and connect – and Im glad most countries have a good/decent program. Time for you guys to catch up 🙂

      Have a great wknd!

  2. It is so sad that the US has such poor safety net, relative to other developed countries. I would be happier paying more in taxes if I know this money will flow to those who need it most for things that will improve the standard of living for everyone else – nutrition, education, health.

    I like how organized you are, and posting relevant new information on your dividend portfolio holdings. \

    Have a nice weekend!


    • DGI,
      Thanks for the wishes. I try to stay up to date with my holdings and share the news.

      As for the parental leave – it is such an important part of social programs that should be available to new parents. I wish the US gets on board and spend some of the tax $s on important things like these. Did you watch the John Oliver segment on Last Week Tonight from a couple of weeks ago – it was about the Mothers day and it was sad to see that new moms go through such hardship and have to return to work in a couple of months.

      Hope you are having a great Memorial Day long weekend.

      Best wishes

    • Parental leave is an important part of social programs available…Im glad we have a good program for new mothers here, but more can/should be done for new fathers.


  3. I envy you guys having so much perk when it comes to health care benefits. I have a friend from Canada that visited me couple of months ago, he said that maternity leave for his wife was 1 whole year.

    We just had a baby she is now 4 months old, Mrs FFF came back to work a month ago, as for me I will take my one month paternity leave on August, I would collect a 3 week check (first week waiting period unpaid), my expected benefit is half of my paycheck. On top of that we have tons of hospital bill from delivering the baby even though I pay $700+ per month on health insurance. This is not a complain, I am just confused right now with the new health care reform act, I guess it is our fault too for being in the higher income bracket…

    Other than that we are very happy with the new addition to our family, we are very thankful for all the blessings, and pursuing for financial independence is stronger.

    Have great weekend R2R!

    • Hey FFF,
      Congrats on the new addition to the family…not sure if you shared on the blog, and if you did, sorry, I cant remember the post.

      The public healthcare system has its pros and cons…we see the bad side too – where unless its an emergency, you get bumped a lot and waiting times are horrendous. Even in case of emergencies – Ive heard of some horrible cases, where more higher priority cases made ppl get bumped. But all said and done, I am happy that we have a good social program when it comes to healthcare. Yes, its true – moms get a one year break from work – and some parents share it with the new dad. So, all things considered, I think its a pretty good program.

      Best wishes

    • You are welcome, BSR.
      Im not sure what the cost of living in South Korea is, so maybe its proportional? A place like Norway I know is expensive and the $ amount has to be high comparatively. Still, pretty sad to see that the US has no support whatsoever.


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