American States Water (AWR) Dividend Stock Analysis


American States Water Co. (AWR) is the parent company of Golden State Water Co. (GSWC) and American States Utility Services, Inc. (ASUS) and its subsidiaries. It is the third largest water utility company in North America behind American Water Works (AWK) and Aqua America (WTR). American States Water has its main focus on military contracts for long durations (usually 50 years) and looks at unregulated markets for growth opportunities. The combination makes for stability and the company has demonstrated it with the long history of dividend payments and dividend growth.

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2 thoughts on “American States Water (AWR) Dividend Stock Analysis

  1. R2R,

    Nice analysis of American States Water. We’ve been eyeing this company as well but have to agree with you. Looks to be overvalued at the moment.

    Thanks for sharing….BTW, we’ve added it to our Collection of Stock Analyses. AFFJ

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