American Water Works (AWK) Dividend Stock Analysis


American Water Works Company (AWK) is the largest publicly traded water company serving approx 15 million people in US and Canada. In serving the 15M customers, the company boasts 48,000 miles of water pipelines serving 1,600 communities and 3.2M regulated customers. Water is an essential service, which we cannot live without and the current drought conditions in California have brought water and its implications (or rather, the lack there of) on society. Investing in water utilities can provide with possibly lucrative returns for investors.

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4 thoughts on “American Water Works (AWK) Dividend Stock Analysis

  1. Utilities companies are highly regulated in N. America and can offer a steady income stream for investors. Quick question, are telecom companies such as T and VZ considered utilities? Some websites have them as tech, some have them as telecom and some have them as utilities… For simplicity I have them as telecom but I am thinking to change it as utility.

    Another great stock analysis R2R!

    I have one more question, is it cool if I email you my question?

  2. Thanks for sharing your analysis of AWK. I has considered at one time the water utils such as WTR, YORW and CWT but never pulled the trigger. While I have util exposure with D, SO and ED I feel that I have enough exposure to low dividend growth stocks, though steady and dependable.

    • Glad to liked it, DivHut. I am all out of utilities after selling last year to fund my home purchase…looking to get back into it now as its one of the smallest sector allocation I have in my portfolio (with just one ETF).


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