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Balance Sheets

Tech Stocks: Unrivaled Balance Sheets

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Dividend Stock Analysis

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Image Source: iShares Twitter Feed

8 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 82

  1. Nice chart on Tech stocks and the amount of cash they have on hand. Scary to think of the growth potential if or when some of them decide to use that cash. Whether its if product development or buying up companies, investors should be happy with the long term prospects of these Tech stocks holding an abundance of cash.

    And of course, thanks for sharing the interesting reads and a link to our stock analyses collection. Enjoy the rest of your weekend R2R!


    • Hey AFFJ, Yeah its amazing the amount of cash the companies are holding…lot of them have little or no debt, while others (or same in some cases) hold the cash overseas. Im sure they will put that cash to good use.

      You are welcome. Happy to share your stock analyses page. Have a great wknd.

  2. Thanks for including my Chevron post in your round-up.

    The change in the position over the last few decades in tech stocks is interesting. Twenty years ago investor didn’t expect any dividends from technology stocks. Now investors are demanding dividends due the factors you point out. Thanks again.

    • You are welcome, Ken.
      Yes, the tech companies are babies compared to the rest of the dividend paying companies. They are relatively new and in some cases have only been around for a decade or so. So, theres very little history when it comes to the tech sector. But they have cash machines….as is evident from the chart. They are fast growers (and a lot of them fall down fast too, unfortunately).

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you are having a good wknd.

  3. Interesting chart on the tech stocks. I wonder how the chart looks historically? Is this normal? Or are they below/above the ten year average. Regardless, the companies now are in great position to increase shareholder value via acquisition, buybacks, or increased dividends.

    Also, great list of reads. Thanks for putting it together

    Bert. one of the Dividend Diplomats

    • Hi Bert,
      Im not sure how it compares to historical averages. The chart was posted by iShares on their twitter feed.

      Agreed that the companies are in a great place to deploy it for acquisitions, buybacks or increased dividends.

  4. Roadmap,

    Interesting chart there… I own IBM and Intel — both had strong dividend growth and sharebuy back years in 2014 and I expect that for this year as well.. very telling. Thanks for posting that actually.


    • Hi Lanny,
      I wonder if a company like Apple skews the numbers for the sector/market – they have such a huge cash holding…I think after last quarter announcement, I saw a number of about $130B-$150B. Even with all the new debt being issued by Apple, their debt-to-equity is really low. Im not sure about the balance sheets of IBM and INTC, although Im not a fan of how IBM has been operating over the last few years.


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