Bank of Montreal Dividend Stock Analysis

Bank of Montreal (BMO) is the fourth largest bank in Canada and the tenth largest in North America by market cap and assets. BMO is the oldest bank in Canada, founded in 1817 and is the first company in Canadian corporate history to start paying dividends. The company has an unbroken chain of dividends paid since 1829.


Like other banks, BMO saw its fair share of problems during the financial crisis and paused raising its dividends from 2009-2011 inclusive. The dividends have started rising again, albeit at a slower pace than the rest of the Canadian banks.

Read the full dividend stock analysis here.

2 thoughts on “Bank of Montreal Dividend Stock Analysis

  1. Hi, Roadmap2Retire.
    Good analysis on BMO. I have some experience with BMO as I am a personal customer. They appear to have their act together and are well diversified around the globe; however, the recent weak stock performance of all Canadian banks (and lack of snap back) is somewhat concerning. I hope it is only temporary as I hold a chunk of BNS shares. I blindly bought shares of SAN & BBVA three years ago during a period of extreme weakness in Europe. While extremely hard to value, they’ve performed pretty well for me over the years and they have fat dividends (for now). Take care.

    Goosemann Jones
    Flight to Dividends Blog

    • Gooseman,
      Thanks for stopping by and the comment regarding your experience with BMO. I’ve had a lot of friends who deal a lot with BMO and have always had great things to say about it. I havent dealt with them myself, but I imagine if they have been in business for close to 200 years, they must be doing something right.
      Your blog is new to me and I will be sure to check it out.


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