Agrium Inc Dividend Increase

Agrium Inc (AGU) (AGU.TO) released it quarterly results today and with that announced an increase in its quarterly dividends by 4%. The quarterly dividend rises from US$0.75 to US$0.78. Agrium, even though a Canadian company, pays its dividends in US$ and for holders of the TSX listed stock, the dividend amount is converted on record date. This is the fifth consecutive year of dividend increase from Agrium. The new dividend amount will be paid on Jan 21, 2015 to shareholders of record on December 31, 2014.


Based on today’s closing price, the new dividend amount brings the yield to 3.2%. My portfolio consists  of 20 shares of Agrium, which increases my annual dividend amount from US $60 to US $62.40.

6 thoughts on “Agrium Inc Dividend Increase

    • If I had more cash, I would’ve bought when it dropped to $93 level couple of weeks ago. Oh well…I will simply enjoy the bump for now.

      BNN just reported the following a few minutes ago:
      “Agrium CEO on Value Act investment:
      – Says relationship still evolving
      – Talks “friendly”
      – They like $AGU strategic plan”

      Hopefully something good will come off this investment.

  1. R2R,

    if it wasn’t a Canadian stock I would already own a bunch of it. I like the company but I am not willing to go through the withholding tax related paperwork.

    I am happy for you, though.

    Keep it up!

    • Ah. I forget that you guys probably dont have favorable taxes for Canadian companies. I noticed that you own some US companies – do you have favorable tax treatment for the US companies?

      Thanks for stopping by

    • Yeah I guess most of their operations are based in the US even though they are a Canadian company. According to the reporting, 77% of their revenue comes from US.
      Good for us – a better dividend with a strong US$

      Enjoy the raise, fellow shareholder 🙂

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