Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) Dividend Increase

Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) announced a 2.3% increase in its cash dividend. The quarterly cash dividend will increase from $0.43 to $0.44 per share and payable on Nov 17, 2014 to shareholders on record as of Oct 31, 2014. The amount represents an increase of 7 percent from a year ago. The annual dividend rate goes up from $1.72 to $1.76.
Kinder Morgan reported that the cash available to pay dividends rose from $424M a year ago to $435M this period. The company remains on track to meet or exceed its published annual budget of $1.78B in cash available to pay dividends.

My portfolio consists of 100 shares of KMI, which increases my annual dividends from $172.00 to $176.00.

17 thoughts on “Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) Dividend Increase

    • Yeah its been crazy alright…It was so tempting to buy something today. KMI continues to be a great performer. And I think its gonna do well over the coming years

      Enjoy the raise, fellow shareholder 🙂

    • Every little bit counts. This is the beauty of dividend growers….every year you get a raise. Companies like KMI are even better, where you get a raise every quarter 🙂

      Loving the raises so far.

  1. Can’t complain about multiple raises in a year culminating in 7% growth, especially when they already yield in the 4-5% range (depending on price)! A dividend growth investor’s dream and one more reason I’m glad they are a healthy portion of my portfolio.

    • Yup. At the current price, its yielding 4.99% which is a great starting point for investors still looking to get in. I would love to add more but they are already at a full position in my portfolio.


    • Oh yeah! Im glad to be a shareholder in KMI…have been for a year and will be for a while, I think.

      Thanks for the comment, Seraph. I will have to check out your blog and add it to my reading list.
      best wishes

    • Yes, its still a good time to get in. My total cost basis is still a bit higher than the current price, so I am tempted to add more in order to average down. But I have a full position, so Im holding off on it.

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment. I’ll check out your blog – its new to me.

  2. R2R,

    Another very happy KMI shareholder here. Richard Kinder is definitely living up to his promise of regular dividend increases. And these increases add up quite a bit, especially when the stock already has a very healthy yield. I’m definitely enjoying it. 🙂

    Best regards!

    • Yes, they are holding true to their word of keeping the raises coming. I love how they are so shareholder friendly…giving a clear view of how much the future raises are expected to be and keep chipping away at it.


  3. Fourth raise this year, albeit .01 raise each time. Regardless, a raise is still a raise. To that, I say keep it coming KMI. Not sure how others feel, but personally, I like the quarterly raises as opposed to an annual raise. 🙂

    Cheers to KMI dividend increase! AFFJ

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