Bank of Nova Scotia Dividend Stock Analysis


Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is the third largest financial institution amongst the Big Five banks in Canada by deposits and market cap. Scotiabank, as it is more commonly known, has the most international presence of the Canadian banks with exposure in 55 countries outside Canada.

Bank of Nova Scotia saw a pause in its dividend growth during the financial crisis, but has started raising the dividends again since. The current 5-yr dividend growth rate stands at 5.49%. Since 2012, BNS has started raising dividends in smaller increments, but twice a year. BNS has the second largest streak in paying dividends in Canadian corporate history – an unbroken chain of dividends that have been paid since 1832!

Read the full dividend stock analysis here.

9 thoughts on “Bank of Nova Scotia Dividend Stock Analysis

  1. You don’t have to convince me about any of the large Canadian banks. I added to my BNS and TD this month and also started a position in RY about a couple months ago. I still have BMO and CM on my radar but with 3 Canadian banks and WFC I might have enough banking exposure for now. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am planning heading closer to mimicing your behavior, DivHut. I own BNS and WFC currently….and want to add RY and TD to my portfolio as well.

      I will still be doing a full dividend stock analyses on the other two banks (BMO and CM) in the coming weeks.

    • Thanks FerdiS.
      I am not crazy about SA’s tactics at burying the articles (free articles get a lot more pageviews), but the total pageviews are still higher than my own website. So, I decided to post it on SA.


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