Yakezie Challenge Update

Time for an update on the Yakezie challenge – something I started six months ago.
The goal was to achieve the following and I gave myself six months to achieve it. Here are the results:
  • Reach an Alexa ranking of 200,000 or better – Failed
    • I was not able to reach this goal. The best ranking I achieved was 276,500 in April – which has continued to slip since.
  • Publish 2-4 articles weekly – Achieved
    • This was a resounding success and I have been able to keep up with the publishing week after week.
  • Selflessly promote other blogs and become an active member of the Yakezie – Partially Achieved
    • While I have connected with a few bloggers and promote each other’s blog, I havent been able to be as active as I would’ve liked. I will looking forward to continue connecting with other bloggers in the Yakezie network in the future.
  • Include the Yakezie badge – Completed
    • Done. Included on the site.


2 thoughts on “Yakezie Challenge Update

  1. I’ve struggled a bit with the Alexa ranking, as well. I’m hovering just above 200,000 even though my traffic has grown significantly in the past six months. You seem to be actively promoting others and very committed to your blog. I would consider that a huge success!

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