Recent Sell – CHSCP, Mutual Fund

Some more ‘Recent Sells’ in the portfolio last/this week.
Partially Closed: Scotia Canadian Balanced Fund (mutual fund)
This holding was part of my wife’s portfolio and being an expensive fund (with an MER close to 2%), we sold this position, but only partially for now. The funds will not be invested elsewhere as we need the cash for our home downpayment.
Closed: CHS Inc (CHSCP)
CHS Inc was a high yielding, low-beta stock that I had used over the year to park my cash. I initiated this position in mid 2013 as I was unsure of where to invest. While I was going to make up my mind, I decided to get some juicy yields on the cash. That trade did not turn out that great as the stock price has remained fairly flat while the rest of the index has run off skyward. However, I can’t really complain with the yield close to 6% I was receiving on a quarterly basis. Going forward, I will be investing the cash from this sale into dividend growing companies which will result in a drop in my passive income initially, but should see a better total return over the long term. 
Full Disclosure: My full list of holdings is available here.

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