Roadmap2Retire Turns One

Time Flies they say; yet our experiences and new memories make it seem otherwise. Today this blog has turned one year old and what an experience it has been. I have learned a tremendous amount about so many things after starting this blog; from learning how to write in a good presentable way, to setting up the blog, sharing and marketing it to expand my readership – giving me a taste of how Internet businesses work. It has truly been a joy.I would like to thank the readers and the fellow bloggers in their support and encouragement. The readership of this blog has seen a fantastic rise over the year and I hope to continue writing articles that interests you, as a reader. What type of articles would you like to read more of? Feel free to share your questions, comments Β and thoughts with me either here in the comments section or email me as I love to hear feedback from you.


25 thoughts on “Roadmap2Retire Turns One

  1. Congrats! For me, my first year was tough and lonely. But towards the end, readership and viewers picked up and while it hasn’t been a cake walk, both my blog and myself have grown and met a lot of great people. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Jon. I lucked out on a few things and got some good readership as soon as I started the blog. However, I seem to have plateaued and need to figure out how to grow my audience.

      Im glad you worked your way through the hard initial part and have found some good success with your blog.

      Best wishes

    • Hey Bryan,
      Its one of those things that you always wonder – “What if…”. Its crazy how each step and decision we make takes us in a slightly different tangent along our journey. Anyways, I wouldnt have it any other way. It has been a pleasure knowing you and Im learning a lot from your experiences.


  2. As you said, “time flies,” and that goes for everything in life. It’s always when we pause and take a look back that we can’t realize where all of that time has gone. I recently read about you selling SO and how you don’t favor a lot of utilities going forward because of possible headwinds. I’m curious to read your take on that as I’m a SO holder. Thanks for sharing.

    • You said it, DivHut.
      Regarding SO, I posted some details about the challenges ahead for the utilities sector due to the rise of solar as an alternative energy source. I posted about this yesterday. Have a look and let me know what your thoughts are.

      The reason for selling was not JUST the solar threat – but a combination of things for me including:
      – My cost basis was close to current price, so even after the recent runup, my capital gains were very small.
      – The high P/E valuations for utilities are very high
      – The threat of rising interest rates is a big one for the sector
      – I needed to sell some of positions to raise cash for my house downpayment.

      Hope that helps

  3. Congrats on reaching one year of blogging! I can’t believe that my blog will be turning 3 in November. Time continues to march on no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t. Of course that just reinforces why I’m working towards financial independence. Looking forward to year 2!

    • Thanks for the wishes, PIP. I hope to achieve as much as you have in your 3 years of blogging. I am nowhere close to 50K pageviews that you manage. Setting my sights onto the next years goal to up those figures πŸ™‚

      Best wishes

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