Chatter Around the World – 42

Chatter Around the World is a weekly link update of economics, investing, dividends and personal finance articles that have caught my eye. In these weekly updates, I also capture my blog updates and news related to my holdings.

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6 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 42

  1. It looks like a great roundup. I enjoyed several of these, including the Forbes contrarian article. I am curious, was your electricity graphic inspired by all the talk lately about Bitcoin mines and data centers…..being in far flung locations?
    Have a great weekend

    • Hey Bryan,
      No, I havent been following the Bitcoin articles, but I do remember seeing some articles in the past talking about it. I came across this graphic via a friend. Lately, the drop in solar prices have also caught my attention and have been following the solar industry – but there arent any div growth stocks there, unfortunately.

      Have a great weekend

    • Oh, I hear you on the solar industry. With the improvements in efficiency and decrease in costs…..I’m sure it will be one of the primary energy sources in the future. Investing in it, however, I liken to the US automobile industry in 1910. The industry will be a winner, but which companies will survive is another matter. The US auto industry went from hundreds and hundreds of manufactures… a handful over the last 100 years. I’m not confident I would have picked the “right” companies 🙂

    • You are right, Bryan. Its really hard to pick the right companies in the solar companies since its so new and so many small players – theres bound to be a lot of consolidation over the years to come.

      Thanks for stopping by and the input.


  2. Great selection of recent articles…thanks for sharing R2R. I particularly enjoy the stock analysis section. Oh, and very interesting chart on electricity cost. I was surprised to see so many countries above the US.

    • Im glad you enjoyed it, AFFJ. I was surprised to see some of the countries with high energy costs too – I knew some of the European countries were up there, but was quite surprised by Australia up there.

      Your blog is new to me…ill be sure to follow along your journey. Thanks for stopping by.

      Best wishes

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