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Image Source: The most important export good from every state – I didnt realize that Airplanes was the most important good from so many states (some surprising ones for me such as California and other southern states like AR, KS, KY etc)

10 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 38

  1. Hi R2R,

    thank you for including in your rubric March Updates!
    I hope I can show every month and every year bigger amounts 🙂

    One Question:
    Do you know the TV-Serie “Haven”:
    Is that place real?
    They say there often, that this place must be in the United States at the border to Canada and can be reached the Canadian border by boat

    Best regards!

    • Happy to include you in this list, D-S. You have a great blog and I follow closely…..although sometimes its a bit hard to understand as Google Chrome doesnt translate a few things well.

      I am not familiar with this series – Haven. Just looked up online, looks like most of the filming is done in Nova Scotia, Canada.

      A lot of movies and TV shows are actually shot in Canada since it looks like the US but its cheaper to film here. Last couple of years, when the Canadian dollar was on-par with USD, the film industry was moving back to US and it was hurting the local economy. But now that the CAD is about 10% cheaper, things are back in favor for Canada. In fact a couple of my friends who live in Vancouver are stunt performers and have worked on quite a few movies/tv shows 🙂


  2. R2R,

    Thanks for including my dividend income update, appreciate the support. Cool picture at the top, I would have never guessed so many states had gold or airplanes as their most valuable export. Very interesting.

    Best wishes,

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