Boost Your Income With These ETFs

The stock market continues to linger close to the all-time high while the interest rates continue to hold at an all-time low. There is still no clear indication from the Fed on when the interest rates will rise – leaving risk-averse investors with paltry returns on cash and bond holdings. In the recent years, investors have rotated out of bonds and piled into the equities market driving up the stock prices. With most of the stocks either fully priced or overvalued, investors yearning for income have had to turn to alternate strategies. This article discusses one such strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Boost Your Income With These ETFs

    • Thats right, NNL. Its slim picking out there, so investors will have to look into alternate strategies such as this for better returns. Once the rates return higher, things will get back to normal.

      Thanks for the input.


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