Roadmap2Retire is now on Facebook

Accessing Roadmap2Retire is now easier than ever! Readers of this blog can follow and stay current via Facebook. This is part of my exercise to make access to Roadmap2Retire ever more easier for the readers.
Roadmap2Retire can be found on Facebook at:
Facebook users can be assured that they will not miss a single post by Liking the Facebook page. I look forward to connect with you on Facebook. 

6 thoughts on “Roadmap2Retire is now on Facebook

  1. Hi R2R,

    I have heard, you have a sunburn from Aruba? 😉

    I think the step to integrate Facebook is a logical step to make the website more popular.
    What is better, Facebook or Twitter? I have no idea!

    Keep going and go on with the good work!
    I wish you much success with Facebook!

    Best whishes!

    • Hi D-S,
      haha…I dont think I ever mentioned it to Bryan (from IncomeSurfer) and he was probably joking but he is right on the money. I was too excited the first day to be in the Sun and although had sunblock on, didnt wear a hat – and ended up with a sunburn on my scalp. Didnt realize it until I got back from the trip 🙂
      Im not sure which is better. The Facebook is an experiment and hopefully will play off in connecting and engaging with more people. I know there are a lot of people out there who dont use Twitter and dont really care to sign up for email updates….so, Facebook should be a good outlet to connect and engage with a different set of readers.

      Thanks for the wishes. Btw, are you on Twitter or Facebook? i dont see anything on your blog about social networks.


    • Thanks for stopping by and the comment, TalesFromTheTape. Your blog looks really interesting and looks like you had a fantastic year in dividend income last year. I will be adding you to my reading list and will be reading through your blog as well.


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