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Image Source: AAA. Article source: MarketWatch

8 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 36

    • As always, happy to include your post Bryan. Its good to get a perspective of how much we pay for a car’s depreciation. I’ll be looking forward to hear the good news soon.


  1. Hi R2R,

    the costs of a car are amazing!
    Two days ago, I have talk with an car salesman about my new company-car (starting at December 01, 2014). The prices are incredibly high

    I think the prices for new cars are in Germany much higher than in the USA!
    I think Jason can say something about the AUDI-prices!
    An AUDI A6, 204 HP, automatic, some extras: 65.000 EUR! Fuck off 😉

    Best regards

    • Yup, those prices are quite insane, D-S. Im not sure how the prices compare between US and Germany, but I do know that the Americans get really good deals on cars. Also the fact that gasoline is so cheap in the US makes it affordable.

      Best wishes

  2. Great chart R2R, I haven’t had a car in 9 years and proud of the fact. I am a car nut aswell, go figure 🙂 Love saving where i can. I know for some peeps it is essential but for me it just wasn’t, so out it went….all the best T

    • Thats quite an achievement and good for you for not having a car. I can imaging that its just that much harder not to have a car esp when you are a car nut. Unfortunately, I havent been able to resist having a car and just dream of all the money I could’ve saved if I didnt have one.
      Thanks for stopping by, T. Hope you are having a good weekend.


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