Vacation Notice

There will be a hiatus in this blog’s activity over the next week as I am leaving on vacation. This has been long, brutal, nasty winter in Ottawa, Canada and a week in sunny Aruba is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Back in March!

16 thoughts on “Vacation Notice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome Back !….and Welcome Home !….
    missed your blog….back in the saddle.
    You could have brought us back some WARMERRRR WEATHER !
    Lucky you….

    • Thanks for the warm wishes, Anonymous.
      I wish I had brought some of the warm weather back. I am staring at pictures and missing Aruba. First day back at work is the hardest 🙁

      Looking forward to continue my posts on the blog. Stay tuned.


    • hahaha…on the contrary Tracy, it was really fun partying with you 🙂
      So jealous you are there for 2 more weeks. Enjoy your vacation!

      btw, whos plugging my blog? Is it John?

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