Canadian Telecom Oligopoly Provides Sustainable Dividend Growth (BCE) (RCI) (TU)

The Canadian wireless market is dominated by The Big-3: BCE Inc (TSE: BCE, NYSE: BCE), Rogers Communications Inc (TSE: RCI.B, NYSE: RCI) and Telus (TSE: T, NYSE: TU) controlling approximately 91% of the wireless market, with various other regional players filling in the rest. The recent acquisitions by the Big-3 have allowed them them to expand into the media and entertainment business and provides the companies with diversified growth and income sources. These Big-3 are components of the S&P/TSX 60 index and have been providing stockholders with a constant flow of dividends and sustainable dividend growth.To read the full article, click here.


5 thoughts on “Canadian Telecom Oligopoly Provides Sustainable Dividend Growth (BCE) (RCI) (TU)

  1. I have take a look at these three companies.
    In Germany, there are several stock exchanges and trading venues.

    Telus is traded only at 2 places (Berlin, München) = not good
    BCE is traded at 4 places (Berlin, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt)
    Roger Comm. is traded at 5 places (Berlin, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and directly about the Commerzbank)

    Im my case, I took Telus not on my watchlist, because the stock market turnover in Germany are too low!

    BCE and Roger Comm. are OK.


  2. I love a good monopoly R2R, provided they will continue. I hear a lot of good things in the entertainment and data infrastructure sectors. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take a look.

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