Passive Income Update – Jul 2013

Welcome to my July 2013 monthly passive income update. This is part of the series where I track my monthly dividend and other sources of passive income. Passive income for the month of Jul 2013 was $234.11 – another all time high :)My passive income YTD is now at $1,134.08. Reaching my goal of $2000 in annual passive income looks more realistic as the months go by. I have been adding to my positions slowly to contribute more to my passive income. I still hold approximately 10% of my portfolio in cash and am waiting for a good opportunity to add more aggressively when I see the right opportunity.

Passive income contributing entities:


  • CML Healthcare (CLC)
  • Cineplex (CGX)
  • Husky Energy (HSE)
  • IAMGold (IMG)
  • Inter Pipeline Fund (IPL.UN)
  • RioCan REIT (REI.UN)
  • iShares 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond Fund (CLF)
  • Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF (CUD)
  • iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income Fund (FIE.A)
  • Vanguard US Total Market Index ETF CAD Hedged (VUS)
  • BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF (ZCN)
  • BMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF (ZUT)
  • A mutual fund yielding approx 6%
  • Advertising revenues from this blog
  • MBNA Smartcash credit card cashback


My full list of holdings can be found here.

New Positions

I initiated a new position in BCE Inc (BCE). BCE Inc. is a communications company but is expanding aggressively into content providing and entertainment . It operates in four segments – Bell Wireline, Bell Wireless, Bell Media and Bell Aliant. Read my post on this purchase for details.
I have also started with a new position in Vanguard Total International Stock ETF (VXUS) in order to get a broad international exposure. The fund has the following exposure: 44% to Europe, 29% to Pacific, 18.9% to emerging markets and the rest divided into other geographic regions.

Closed Positions

I closed my position in CML Healthcare (CLC), a diagnostic medical care provider. The company has had shaky fundamentals with its P/E at 27.47 and P/B at 66.2. It also had a yield of 5% with a payout ratio of 133%. I was waiting for the right moment to sell it and I was glad I didnt pull the trigger too early 🙂 The news of LifeLabs agreeing to purchase CLC last month for $1.2B caused the stock value to jump by 47% giving me the perfect opportunity to sell and exit this position.

Added Positions

I added to my positions in: IMG, iShares 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond Fund(CLF), Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF (CUD), iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income Fund (FIE.A), BMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF (ZUT) and two globally diversified mutual funds.
Passive IncomeDisclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only. All opinions here are my personal opinions and should not be taken as financial advice. I am not qualified to be a financial advisor. Always consult with your financial advisor before investing in any of the companies mentioned on this blog.

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